Add Tech Guru to Your Professional Referrals

You probably have an army of pros – locksmiths, cleaners, and painters – that you refer to clients. For your senior clientele, why not consider adding a tech guru?  

After all, the tech industry has made strides in developing smart technology that helps with aging in place, whether that’s detecting falls, monitoring health conditions, or letting seniors call for help.

Yet, many seniors find installing, using, and maintaining smart home technology challenging and frustrating.

According to research ( by Laurie Orlov, such technology is promising, but it’ll take time for all the disparate gadgets to work together in a smooth, integrated way.

In addition, she notes an AARP study that shows that among those aged 70-plus, just 10% feel confident using technology. That could be a barrier for this age group embracing such devices. 

We can refer someone who could install and troubleshoot home technology and teach you how to use it!


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