Market Your Skills, Help People Who Need Accessible Housing

If you’ve been looking for ways to market your skills to aged 50+ buyers and sellers and find ways to help seniors who need accessible housing, read Ray Abichandani’s commentary in the July-August 2021 edition of REALTOR magazine. 

He talks about the accessibility challenges homeowners continue to face, despite the fact that the country celebrates the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act this year. 

The need for housing that accommodates physical limitations will only become more acute as the population ages and fewer find senior care facilities appealing. 

Abichandani points out some ways to effectively reach and help those looking for barrier-free housing, including:


  • Getting up to speed on what people with visual, hearing, and mobility challenges need. Resources include the American Association of People with Disabilities ( and the National Organization on Disability ( 
  • Creating a website containing content about accessible housing issues and starting or joining a Facebook group focused on such topics.
  • Advertising in publications that serve the disabled community, including New Mobility ( and Disability Horizons ( 


Find more of Abichandani’s ideas at


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